Mundo Invisible #68

Apertura: «Shiverman» Fat Freddy’s Drop Dr. Boondiga & The Big BW

01.»Do It»(Do What You Want To) Arch_Typ & Ahmand Larnes Do It Bootay

02.»Dance Freak» South Bronx Community Youth Project

03.»Dialed Up» Orgone The Killion Floor

04.»Bedroom Eyes» Jimi

Mundo Invisible #67

Apertura: “Valediction” The Clonious Circulations and Jay Scarlett Present New Worlds

01.”Tropical Hands” Dorian Concept Trilingual Dance Sexperience – Single

02.”Trilingual Dance Sexperience” Dorian Concept Trilingual Dance Sexperience – Single

03.”Polkadot Blues” Hudson Mohawke Polyfolk Dance – EP

04.”Velvet Peel” …

Mundo Invisible #66

Apertura: “Love Is Here 2nite” (I Can Feel It) Dam Funk Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life

01.”I Wanna Thank U” (4 Steppin’ Into My Life) Dam Funk Toeachizown Vol.3: Life  

02.”One Less Day” Dam Funk Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life 

03.”A.O.R.” Towa

Mundo Invisible #65

Apertura: “Cool FM” Souleance Le Monde –  EP

01.”Mañana” Souleance Le Monde –  EP  

02.”One Step Re Edit” Souleance Le Monde –  EP

Lo Ultimo De Ed Banger Records (Paris):

03.”Flashin’ Outro” Feadz P*N*M*B* – EP

04.”Minuteman’s Pulse” Mr.

Mundo Invisible #64

Apertura: “Fogged Spacesuit” The Clonious Adroit Adventures – EP

01.”Emora” (Dorian Concept Remix) The Clonious Adroit Adventures – EP  

02.”One At A Time” The Clonious feat. Muhsinah Adroit Adventures – EP

03.”See You” (Electrosoul Remix) Miles Bonny feat. Nigel


Mundo Invisible #63

Apertura:”Roll Of The Beast” Clyde Hyper Reality

01.”Broken Slang” Clyde Hyper Reality  

02.”Jazz Flares” Marc Mac Steady Rockin’ – EP

03.”Left & Right” (Ron Basejam Mix) Jimpster Amour Remix – EP 2

04.”Blue Funk” (Live At The Bum Palace) …


Mundo Invisible #62

Apertura: “Candy Dancin’” Dam Funk feat. Mark de-Clive Lowe Toechizown Vol. 2: Fly

01.”Valley Of Love” J*Davey The Beauty In Distortion: The Land Of The Lost  

02.”Please Be Mine” Slope Homeboy – EP  

03.”Back Together Again” Roberta Flack feat. Donny


Mundo Invisible #61

Apertura: “Family Function” Arch_typ feat. Joni Love Bagpak Selects Vol. 2 Homegrown Edition

01.”State Of The World” Ne’a Posey w Lil Dave Bagpak Selects Vol.2 Homegrown Edition  

02.”Travelin” IMC Soul feat. Dawn Pemberton Bagpak Selects Vol. 2 Homegrown Edition

03.”Searchin’ …