Mundo Invisible #25 Especial STONES THROW Records

Apertura: “Brooklynville” OPA The Candombe Jazz’n Funk Vibe

Presentacion de STONES THROW Records:
1.”Free Your Mind” Sound In Ligth Now-Again Re: Sounds, Vol. 1

2.”That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be” Dudley Perkins Expressions

3.”See” (Suite) Supreme Team Peanut Butter Wolf’s B-Ball Zombie

4.”The Twister” (Huh, What?) J Dilla Donuts

5.”Trouble Will Remain” (Thruth & Soul Remix) Amnesty Now-Again Re: Sounds, Vol. 1

6.”Kash” (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix) James Pants Peanut Butter Wolf’s B-Ball Zombie

7.”Street Scene” Leon Mitchison Cold Heat

8.”Color” L.A. Carnival Cold Heat

9.”Raid” Madvillain Madvillainy Instrumentals

10.”Wrong Way” Georgia Anne Muldrow Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth

11.”Bye” J Dilla Donuts

12.”In The Rain” The Wooden Glass, feat Billy Wooten The Funky 16 Corners

13.”Beatifull Day” Spider Harrison The Funky 16 Corners

14.”Tighten Up Tighten” Billy Bal And The Upsetters, feat Roosevelt Matthews The Funky 16 Corners

15.”The Dump” Soul Vibrations The Funky 16 Corners

Presentación Los Belkings Instrumental Waves (1960-1973) LP

16.”Sinfonia Para Una Mañana”

17.”Tema Para Jovenes Enamorados”

18.”Musica Para Las Flores”

19.”Septima Patrulla”

20.”Chant” Coleman Hawkins Hawk Flies High

21.”Milestones” Mark Murphy Mark Murphy: Rah!