Mundo Invisible #45 The Best 2008 Vol. 3

Apertura: “A New Day” (Is Here At Last)- JC Davis – A New Day!

01.”Visions Of Violet” – José James & Flying Lotus – Park Bench People -Single-      

02.”We Can Live Forever” – Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – Moving With The Shakers

03.”Disciples” – Stee Downes – All In A Day

04.”Shy” – Soul Vigilantes feat. Jocelyn Medina – Background Noise    


05.”Deeper Waters” – Recloose feat. Joe Dukie – Deeper Waters-EP

06.”Catch A Leaf” – Recloose feat. Rachel Fraser – Perfect Timing

07.”Look Around” – Lewis McCallum feat. Cherie Mathieson – Wake

08.”Way We Live” – Lewis McCallum feat. Tama Waipara – Wake

09.”Sambuca Chaser” – Talc – Licensed Premises Lifestyle

10.”Robot’s Retun” (Modern Sleepovor, Pt.2) – Talc – Licensed Premises Lifestyle

11.”Closing Time, Pt. 2” – Talc – Licensed Premises Lifestyle

12.”Dancing, Laughing, Shouting, Pointing” – Talc – Licensed Premises Lifestyle

13.”Green Light” – Jamie Lidell – Jim

14.”Another Day” – Jamie Lidell – Jim

15.”Sure Hope You Mean It” – Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It

16.”Just One Kiss” – Raphael Saadiq feat. Joss Stone – The Way I See It

17.”Butterfly” – Azymuth – Butterfly

18.”Os Cara La” – Azymuth – Butterfly

19.”Object In The Mirror” – Quasimode feat. Carmen Lundy & Masato Nakamura – The Land Of Freedom

20.”Dark Beauty” – Quasimode feat. Arisaka – The Land Of Freedom

21.”Casbah” – Doug Carn – Al Rahman! Cry Of The Floridian Tropic Son

22.”Balacez Calinda” – Doug Carn – Al Rahman! Cry Of The Floridian Tropic Son

23.”Where Would You Be” – Yaw – Brownswood Bubblers Three

24.”Morning Light” – Rozzi Daime – Brownswood Bubblers Three