Mundo Invisible #58 Especial FAVORITE Records (Paris)

Apertura: “Vibrator” Destruments The Unheard B-Sides 76’ – 81’

Especial FAVORITE Records (Paris):

01.”Theme Of Trevor & Lisa” Trevor And Lisa The Night Of The Wolf – Single

02.”Dance To The Drummers Beat” Trevor And Lisa feat. The Real Fake Mc Dance To The Drummers – EP

03.”Just Call Me Real Fake” The Real Fake MC & Patchworks Live & Survive – EP

04.”Nervous Breakdown” Cléon & Suspect Nervous Breakdown / Jeskilz – EP

05.”Sunshine Love” Modo Solar Natural – EP

06.”Get Your Point Over” Mr Day Favorite All Stars, Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition)

07.”Natural” (Patchworks Remix) Modo Solar Natural – EP

08.”We’ve Only Just Begun” Lee McDonald We’ve Only Just Begun – EP

09.”I Need You Close” (Dub Version) Dwilt Sharpp I Need You Close – EP

10.”C’est Pour Toi” Onra & Quetzal Tribute

11.”Music Machine” Onra & Quetzal Tribute

12.”Brenton’s Revenge” Onra & Quetzal Tribute

13.”Stop” (Walk On By) Onra & Quetzal Tribute

14.”Darling” Dal Gren Cut Basic

15.”Do You Know My Position?” Dal Gren Cut Basic

16.”Move” Dal Gren Cut Basic

17.”Sexy Soul” Dal Gren Cut Basic

18.”Ufo” Dal Gren Cut Basic

19.”Cold Game” Myron & with The Soul Investigators Cold Game 7”

20.”I Can’t Let You Go Away” Myron & with The Soul Investigators Cold Game 7”

21.”Free Your Mind” Record Player Free Your Mind – EP

22.”Your Fantasy” Record Player Free Your Mind – EP

23.”Ain’t No Sunshine” O.G. Version Kashmere Stage Band J Rocc / Oh No Remixes

24.”Is That Enough” Marvin Gaye Here, My Dear

25.”Florida Room” Donald Fagen Kamakiriad

26.”June In January” Benny Carter Aspects

27.”Twisted” Mark Murphy Mark Murphy: Rah!

28.”Wives And Lovers” Jimmy Smith Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Presentación Mocky: Saskamodie LP

29.”Music To My Ears” Mocky Saskamodie

30.”Saskamodie” Mocky Saskamodie

31.”Golden Dream” Mocky Saskamodie