Mundo Invisible #65

Apertura: “Cool FM” Souleance Le Monde –  EP

01.”Mañana” Souleance Le Monde –  EP  

02.”One Step Re Edit” Souleance Le Monde –  EP

Lo Ultimo De Ed Banger Records (Paris):

03.”Flashin’ Outro” Feadz P*N*M*B* – EP

04.”Minuteman’s Pulse” Mr. Oizo Ed Rec, Vol. 3

05.”3rd Movement, Pt. 3 (A.K.A. “Sheet Night”) Krazy Baldhead feat. Outlines The B Suite

06.”Greven Love” Erobique Discodebut

07,”All I Need Is You” Starchine Star-Funk, Vol. 24

08.”I Need You Tonight” Punkin’ Machine Star-Funk, Vol. 24

09.”Hold Me Touch Me” Carolyne Bernier Star-Funk, Vol. 24

10.”Big Azz Girl” Dam Funk It’s My Life! 7”

Presentación Homecut: “No Freedom Without Sacrifice” LP


12.”No Far To Go”

13.”Ecclesiastes 3:11”

14.”Time Difference” feat. J-Live

15.”Bring It All Together”


17.”If Ever Lose This Heaven” Quincy Jones Body Heat

18.”The Streets Of Philadelphia” Stanley Clarke I Wanna Play For You

19.”As” The Three Sounds Blue Note Trip: Sunday Morning

20.”Fall Into You” Stateless Carte Blanche, Vol. 3

21.”Drunken Tune” The Cinematic Orchestra The Cinematic Orchestra

22.”In A Silent Way” (Rehearsal) Miles Davis The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions Disc 2

23.”Song With Words” Herbert/Doctor Rochit Indoor Fireworks

24.”Jazzcool” Kissey Asplund Jazzcool

25.”Like Someone In Love” Art Farmer Modern Art