Mundo Invisible #71

Apertura: «Vacuum Boogie» Floating Points Vacuum – EP

01.»2 Bad» Kode 9 V …s. LD Bad/2Bad – Single

02.»Bethink» Busy Maverick Sessions, Vol. One Jay Scarlett & Omur Englin

03.»Belief» Reggie B Maverick Sessions, Vol. One Jay Scarlett & Omur Englin

04.»Space Ex» Blue Daisy feat. LaNote Sapace Ex – Single

05.»Using Splashes» Forss Soulhack

06.»It’s Coming Down» Exile Radio

07.»Fill #1″ Delgui Let That Sound Out!

Presentación The Clonious, «Between The Dots» LP

08.»If Joe Had The Power»

09.»693 Balloons» feat. Dorian Concept & Cid Rim

10.»Leaving Belief» feat. Zanshin

Presentación de Favorite Flava, «Different Phase»:

11.»Different Phase»


13.»Fovorite Flava»

14.»Everyday Escape» feat. Paul Mac Innes

15.»Want You To Need Me» feat. Paul Mac Innes

16.»Doin’ It Right» Mike James Kirkland Doin’ It Right

17.»Get It Over With» The Natural Four Nightchaser

18.»The Ghetto ’74» Leroy Hutson The Man!

19.»Don’t You Feel Me» Damon 

20.»I’ll Be So Happy» Lil’ Lavair

21.»Give It Up Edit» Rabbits And Carrots Soul Latino

22.»Forge Your Own Chains» D. R. Hooker The Truth

23.»Love Me Or Leave Me» Nina Simone 

24.»Si Pudiera Estar Contigo Una Hora Esta Noche» Enrique Villegas Trio

25.»I Should Care» Milt Jackson Milt Jackson

26.»Don’t Blame Me» Charlie Parker Charlie Parker At Storyville

27.»Rocker» Miles Davis Birth Of The Cool